The Kitchen


Pampín’s cuisine is an honest Galician cuisine, slow food full of loving care and neighbourhood recipes to enjoy with a spoon.

Our menu is a journey through the best Galician products, traditional dishes, marinated fishes, cured cold meats, stews, game,…

We try to transmit a “being at home” feeling, both in the kitchen and in the floor.

That is the reason why we select our products with the same care as we cook them, and why we work hand by hand with local producers in the search of maximum quality.




Alén Tarrío is the chef. He grew up around his parents’ business stoves: Tarrío López Inn.

The scent of those traditional stews of his childhood turned his memories into his job. After finishing his studies in Santiago de Compostela he worked in several kitchens but it was the time spent with the chef Paco Morales the one that left the deepest fingerprint on his way of feeling and cooking.

Back home, Alén was part of the team at Casa Marcelo (Michelin star rated) and also ran different kitchens in other Compostela restaurants. But in 2017, he felt the need of running his own business, a place which allows him to show his way of understanding Galician cuisine, aiming every guest feels like at home.

And this is the beginning of this brand new adventure…